QBlue™ by Boliy™ RV PRO 3700 Remote Electric Start Generator

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2014 QBlue™ 3700SI/ER by Boliy™ Remote Electric-Start Generator

QBlue™ generators are engineered to meet the demands of RV life. Whether you're a weekend warrior or on the road for the long-haul, QBlue™is designed with exclusive features to meet your needs. QBlue™ is the ultimate RV power source, with integrated wheels and handle, exceptionally quiet running and efficient power conversion.

Keep Your Weekend Running.

Remote Push-Button Start - Convenient remote control and push-button electric start for effortless starting.

Highest Power to Weight Ratio Available - 75 lbs. dry weight with a 3000 watt rated output and 3300 watt maximum output.

DSP Inverter Technology - True Digital Signal Processor for a 20% higher power conversion rate than transistor generators.

Computer Inverter Module - Constantly adjusts voltage to maintain 120V.

On-Demand Smart Throttle - Automatically regulates engine speed according to load for increased fuel efficiency and extended running time.

Two-Tiered Noise Dampening System - Maintains decibel levels 4-8 times lower than traditional generators to meet new noise level standards within states, municipalities, as well as state and national parks.


  • Remote Electric Start
  • Push-Button Electric Start
  • Manual Start
  • Built-in 30 Amp RV Plug
  • 53-58 dB at 1/4 Load
  • High-Flow Fuel System
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Metal Fuel Tank
  • Built-in Wheels & Handle
  • CARB & EPA Compliant
  • 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty*


  • Dimensions: 23" L x 16.5" W x 18.5" H
  • Dry Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.9 Gallons
  • Noise Level (1/4 Load at 7.5 yards): 53-58 dB


  • Rated Output: 3000 watts
  • Max Output: 3300 watts
  • Full Tank Output: 13,500 watts
  • Run Time at 1/2 Rated Load: 7.5 hrs.
  • Run Time at Full Load: 4 hrs.
  • Power Conversion Rat: 85-92%
  • Rated Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Rated Frequency: 60 Hz.
  • Rated Current: 25A at Full Power
  • DC Output: 12 Volts/8 Amps

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