2014 QBlue™ Generators are the first generators designed for the RV industry. This isn't just a generator that "can" be used with an RV, this is "the" generator for your RV.

QBlue™ takes the fuel efficiency and load capacity you expect from a "regular" generator, and adds the lowest weight and decibel levels with specialized features tailored to Boliy™ customer requests.

Meet QBlue™: Pure RV Power

2014 QBlue™ by Boliy™ 3700SI/ER Remote Electric Start Generator

Our headliner. The ultimate convenience package. Still incredibly lightweight and efficient, but boasting a remote and push-button electric start.
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2014 QBlue™ by Boliy™ 3700SI/E Push-Button Electric Start Generator

Push-button power is nice. That's why we've brought you the 3700SI/E. Quiet. Light. Efficient. Easy.
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2014 QBlue™ by Boliy™ 3700SI Pull-Start Generator

Get an incredibly low 68 lb. dry weight with the 3700SI. The quiet, efficient power of its Q-Blue™ brothers, at almost 10% less weight.
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